ISAAC Comfortable with Timeline for Canadian ELD Reg

Fleet management solution provider ISAAC Instruments says it is comfortable with the initial timeline surrounding the Canadian ELD regulations, which are planned to come into effect on June 12, 2021.

“With 40% of the major carriers in Canada relying on ISAAC’s solution, we take our role seriously. We serve an essential-service industry and recognize that ISAAC’s technology is mission-critical for carrier operations. We must meet the needs of the transportation industry and adapt to changing regulations,” says Jacques DeLarochelliere, President and co-founder of ISAAC.

“As a diligent supplier, we have a responsibility to always ensure our clients’ compliance. We are comfortable with the timeline, confident with the process and satisfied with the responses received from regulatory authorities these past years. The enforcement date has been known since June 12, 2019, and is therefore not a surprise. As always, we will follow the guidance on the Canadian ELD regulations.”

ISAAC’s team is ready to play its role in supporting clients in a smooth transition. Documentation as well as training is available to help carriers understand the impact of regulations on their activities. ISAAC is at the service of those who must comply with the laws and intends to fulfill that mission.

ISAAC’s mission is to connect people and information by providing innovative turnkey solutions to drive truck fleet performance. Its automated telemetry solution transforms complex data into meaningful indicators. With the continuous monitoring of both driver and truck performance, transportation companies can make informed decisions. ISAAC’s integrated mobile communication technology provides real-time connectivity between drivers and company personnel, to optimize operations and maximize profits.

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