Highway 403/Wayne Gretzky Interchange Improvements

The Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO) is undertaking a Detail Design and Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study for improvements to the Highway 403 / Wayne Gretzky Parkway interchange in the City of Brantford (please see attached notice).

This project is being completed in accordance with the MTO Class EA for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000) as a Group ‘C’ project. Upon completion of the study, an Environmental Screening Document describing the proposed works and identifying environmental mitigation measures will be prepared for MTO’s internal use. Group ‘C’ projects are considered approved, subject to compliance with the Class EA. Construction timing is subject to completion of the Class EA, funding, and approvals.

To provide comments or to request additional information on the project, please contact Shane.Vanhell@stantec.com  Your comments are respectfully requested by August 30, 2021.


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