Hamilton Truck Route Sub-Committee Agrees on Master Plan Alternative

The City of Hamilton’s Truck Route Sub-Committee met on March 28 to discuss alternatives for a revised truck route master plan, with sub-committee members agreeing to move forward with the city staff-recommended ring-road concept with positive guidance – one of multiple truck route alternatives proposed. City staff have indicated that further discussions will occur with Hamilton Public Works and City Council to potentially endorse this alternative in the coming weeks.

In its delegation to the sub-committee, OTA staff reiterated its desire to continue working with the city on a revised truck route that improved livability for residents and worked operationally for trucking operators, but also reiterated that increased transit times will create additional costs that will trickle down throughout the supply chain and cannot simply be absorbed by fleets.

OTA also highlighted constraints around rising fuel costs, the driver shortage, and scarcity of new equipment as increasingly compounding factors impacting the freight transportation market, which could also have a ripple effect on just-in-time deliveries and the manufacturing sector in the city.

OTA urged the sub-committee to remain aware of these factors, including the impact on local businesses and how an overly restrictive truck route could make deliveries to some customers/locations less desirable, leading to delays in the transit of critical goods, and increased costs for businesses and consumers.

As discussions around the endorsement of this alternative continues, OTA will be working with city officials to ensure that changes to the new truck route master plan are communicated to industry well in advance of their implementation and enforcement of the new truck route remains a top priority to ensure compliance and a level playing field for all trucking fleets.

City staff indicated that additional details, including the final truck route map, will be provided once Council approves the final report and truck route network. OTA will communicate this information to members once it becomes available.

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