Fleets Asked to Feed ATRI Trucking Costs, Parking Surveys


The American Transportation Research Institute is looking for motor carriers to participate in ATRI’s annual update to its Operational Costs of Trucking report.

The annual analysis provides carriers with a benchmarking tool, while government agencies use the real-world data analysis to help them make better-informed transportation infrastructure investment decisions, according to ATRI, of which the Canadian Trucking Alliance is a member of.

Among the for-hire fleet metrics being requested by ATRI are driver pay, fuel costs, insurance premiums, and lease or purchase payments. Carriers are asked to provide full-year 2018 cost per mile and/or cost per hour data.

Last year’s update found that fleet operating costs increased to their highest levels since 2014, driven by rising fuel prices and pay and benefit increases for drivers.

ATRI’s data collection form, which protects all confidential information, is available online here. Participating motor carriers will receive an advance copy of the full report.

ATRI has also launched an online survey to gather driver input on preferences for data formats and delivery mechanisms of truck parking availability information.

The data collection is part of ATRI’s 2019 top priority research topic to standardize truck parking information systems based on driver preferences.

The lack of available truck parking continues to rank as a top industry issue in ATRI’s annual industry survey. It was the number two issue for drivers in 2018, following only the hours-of-service rules.

ATRI will collect driver responses on the truck parking survey through the end of May.

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