Electronic IRP Cab Cards available from MTO starting August 17, 2020


The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has notified OTA that effective August 17, 2020 all International Registration Plan (IRP) Offices will start issuing Electronic International Registration Plan Cab Cards and asked that OTA share this information with the membership.

This is further to changes made on January 1, 2019, when Ontario amended the Highway Traffic Act to allow Ontario to accept Electronic Cab Cards in support of the changes to the International Registration Plan. This change also aligns with Ontario’s Digital Strategy and commitment to cutting red tape for business, transforming the customer experience, modernizing programs as well as alignment with other International Registration Plan member jurisdictions.

The use of electronic images of International Registration Plan Cab Cards have been accepted by all jurisdictions in the United States and Canada. Documentation shown in an electronic image must be accessible by computer, tablet, smart phone, or other electronic device. This approach ensures access to the documentation at any time, even when access to mobile and/or wireless service may be interrupted.

Commercial truck drivers continue to have the option of presenting either an electronic image, original paper document, or legible paper copies of their Cab Card.  Documentation shown in an electronic image must be accessible and readable by computer, tablet, smart phone or other electronic device.

Regardless of the format either –electronic or paper–, the document must be accurate, valid, legible and be accessible on demand by request of law enforcement and/or the International Registration Plan Registrar.

For complete details of MTO’s modernization efforts on cab cards, click here: Important Notice to IRP Carriers_public

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