ELDs Top ATRI’s Trucking Issues List; Input on 2017 Wanted


The ELD mandate was the top industry issue on trucking fleets’ minds last year, according to the American Transportation Research Institute’s annual Top 10 list.

ATRI’s Rebecca Brewster ran down the list at the recent In.sight User Conference hosted by TMW and PeopleNet.

CSA, driver retention and the driver shortage fell out of the top 5 of the industry’s Top 10 issues in 2016, with the ELD mandate moving up from 6 to 1, according to ATRI’s research. Heavy Duty Trucking reports that Brewster said it’s the first time CSA has been ranked outside of the top 5 issues.

As reported by surveys of trucking companies and drivers, the top 10 issues were the ELD mandate, hours of service, the cumulative economic impact of trucking regulations, truck parking, the economy, CSA, driver shortage, driver retention, transportation infrastructure/congestion/funding and driver distraction.

For commercial drivers, the top issues are: ELD mandate, hours of service, truck parking, cumulative impact of truck regulations, economy, CSA, driver retention, sleep apnea rulemaking, FMCSA mission, and driver health/wellness.

For carriers, the list includes driver shortage, ELD mandate, cumulative impact of trucking regulations, economy, hours of service, driver retention, CSA, transportation infrastructure/congestion/funding, federal preemption of state regulation of commerce (F4A) and driver distraction.

Meanwhile, ATRI launched the 2017 Top Industry Issues Survey.

“ATRI’s annual survey provides a chance for thousands of trucking industry professionals, from drivers to executives, to weigh in on the most important topics that affect trucking and collectively decide on the roadmap for addressing each. With your participation, we can speak with a collective industry voice on what is most important to us,” said ATA Chairman Kevin Burch, president of Jet Express Inc., Dayton, Ohio.

The results of the 2017 survey will be released at the Annual ATA Management Conference and Exhibition, to be held October 21-24 in Orlando.

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