Drivers Needed for Study on Essential Driving Skills


The Trucking Human Resource Sector Council Atlantic, along with trucking companies across the country, is embarking on a project to measure essential skills of professional drivers in the trucking industry and identify links to safety in the trucking industry.

The essential skills most used by professional drivers are reading, document use, numeracy.  The council says data suggests there is a link between lower essential skills to fines and or accidents.

Drivers that want to be involved in the project are asked for 3 to 4 hours of their time. They will participate in a survey and complete an open book test on reading document use and basic math skills. Their participation will help measure the required essential skills for experienced professional drivers and allows whether there is a measurable link.

Organizers say driver and company participation will help validate the need for a skilled workforce as an entry-level professional drivers.

TOWES (test of workplace essential skills), which has been used in other safety related industries, indicates that lower essential skills may result in increased incidents in the work place.  This research will help us clarify whether this is true for the trucking industry as well.

Employers will need to complete a company survey along with a survey on each driver who participates in the data collection – average time is half hour to 45 minutes depending on the number of drivers participating in data collection.

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