DOT Seeks Feedback on US Supply Chain Challenges


The Department of Transportation is requesting information from trucking and other transportation industries to assist DOT in preparing a report for President Biden on supply chain disruptions.

Specifically, reports CCJ, DOT is soliciting “practical solutions from a broad range of stakeholders to address current and future challenges to supply chain resilience in the freight and logistics sector.”

DOT is asking the public to answer 13 questions listed in a Federal Register notice. Some topics include:

  • Identifying major infrastructure or operational bottlenecks and chokepoints across the freight and logistics supply chain that slow or impede efficient cargo movement.
  • Major risks to resilience within the freight and logistics sector, including defense, intelligence, cyber, health, climate and more.
  • Effects of climate change on transportation and logistics infrastructure.
  • Technology issues, including information systems, cybersecurity and more.
  • Key opportunities and challenges with respect to the existing and future workforce.

DOT is accepting comments in the Federal Register through Oct. 18.

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