CVSA Issues Bulletin on Securing Intermodal Containers


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration (CVSA) has posted details of its latest inspection bulletin on securing intermodal containers on chassis vehicles.

CVSA’s board of directors approved the new bulletin and updated four others during its recent workshop in Atlanta.

The group said containers are usually secured to the chassis with twist-locks or pin-locks meeting the definition of an integral locking device.

These devices must “engage in such a way that they cannot unintentionally become unfastened while the vehicle is in transit,” CVSA said.

CVSA noted there are numerous twist-lock and pin-lock designs that can be used to ensure the container is properly restrained.

Integral locking devices must lock and be secured so they do not become unintentionally unfastened. Although some carriers attach plastic or wire tie-wraps to the latch or gate handle, it is not required, CVSA said.

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