‘Customer of Choice’ Communication Package a Big Hit!


OTA’s Operation Upgrade ‘Customer of Choice’ media  package is getting rave reviews among carriers and progressive shippers.

The presentation, available free to the trucking industry, includes a .pdf infographic and two high definition videos aimed at helping carriers and supply chain partners improve business relations, specifically how drivers are treated at certain facilities.

The first White Board video has already received over 1,100 views on Youtube. It illustrates the issue of driver treatment and shows shippers and consignees how they can become preferred ‘customers of choice’ – ensuring them transportation capacity throughout the driver shortage.

The second video profiles a young Canadian Sikh truck driver who discusses his love for the job while sharing insight about truck driver maltreatment and discrimination.

Feedback from carriers has been overwhelmingly positive. Several members have informed OTA they have successfully used the  infographic and videos in discussions with shippers about driver treatment, loading/unloading delays,  and improving productivity to reduce waste in the system. Additionally, some shippers  indicated the media package is a useful teaching tool for staff.

We encourage members and the industry at large to continue using the infographic and videos as part of their communication and negotiation strategy with customers.

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