CTA Survey – Proposed Vapour Control Regulations for Highway Tanks Transporting Petroleum Liquids


Environment Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is considering a regulatory proposal to require vapour control on a national scale for specific petroleum liquid storage and loading operations where set volume thresholds are exceeded. The focus will be on: gasoline, crude oil, condensate, diluent, dilbit or petrochemicals such as Benzene or Hexane.

ECCC is currently in the consultation phase and have reached out to CTA to determine how the scope of their proposal could impact CTA member fleets from a cost and equipment preparedness perspective.

CTA encourages fleets operating in this space to complete a short survey before July 21 by clicking here.  The survey results will assist CTA in responding to ECCC’s consultation and informing their future decision making.  All survey results will be kept confidential and only anonymized aggregated data will factor into CTAs communications with ECCC.

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