CTA Statement on Blockades

The 5,000 members of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) form the backbone of the domestic and international supply chain. Domestically, 90 percent of all consumer goods move by trucks and close to 70 percent of Canada-US trade – representing over $700 billion dollars – is moved by the Canadian trucking industry.

Many trucking movements begin or end at the rail head. The supply chain is not only integrated from a supplier perspective, it’s integrated modally as well. When the railways suffer disruption in service, it impacts everyone in the economy including the trucking industry. When bridges and roads are blocked, trade stops and other modes and business sectors which depend on trucking services are negatively impacted. The Canadian economy overall depends on a reliable and fully-functioning supply chain.

CTA supports the Government of Canada’s position the blockades need to end peacefully and quickly and echoes the government’s sentiments that while freedom of expression is an important democratic right, such activities must respect court decisions and the law.

During this resolution process lead by the Government of Canada, CTA is calling on all levels of government, bridge operators, law enforcement and members to share any intelligence with CTA regarding the location and potential location of future blockades. Such information would be shared with members.

Any verifiable information pertaining to upcoming blockades should be directed to OTAcommunications@ontruck.org with ‘Blockades’ in the subject line.


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