CTA Creates ArriveCAN Training Package for Trucking Industry


The Government of Canada recently announced that all travellers, including truck drivers, would be required to use ArriveCAN as part of the re-entry process back into Canada at the land border. In order to facilitate a smooth transition to this new mandatory requirement, as well as recognizing that upwards of 20 percent of commercial drivers do not have access to smart phone technology, CTA worked the Government of Canada and other stakeholders on the development of a transition period. Part of this plan included the ability for commercial drivers to make an oral declaration at primary, instead of an electronic submission through ArriveCAN prior to arriving at the border.

“In recognition of these changes, CTA has created a training package that will help drivers and their companies understand how to utilize the ArriveCAN App and ensure their border crossing experience remains as seamless as possible.

The CTA training package contains (in both official languages):

  • A step-by-step tutorial video explaining how to download and use the app on smart devices or computer and how to electronically submit the proper information via the app to the government of Canada before entry into Canada.
  • An accompanying infographic in .pdf form, highlighting the instructions from the video which can be downloaded and printed out for drivers.
  • A FAQ document which answers many questions drivers and companies might have about the policy and their requirements.

“While CTA greatly appreciates the creation of a transition period by the Government of Canada to allow industry to adapt to the electronic ArriveCAN requirements, CTA and its members understand that eventually all travellers, including US and Canadian truck drivers, will have to submit this information through the ArriveCAN App or a personal computer,” said CTA’s Policy director, Lak Shoan. “We are confident CTA’s instructional information package will assist drivers who are unfamiliar with smart device technology or their responsibilities in complying with the new policy.”

CTA would also like to thank the Government of Canada for assisting the Alliance in verifying the content and messaging in the training materials provided.

The videos can be viewed below and can be downloaded for training purposes, along with the full communication package, in EN and FR here.

The accompanying .pdf infographics can be downloaded directly here:  Infosheet – EN_public (EN) and Infosheet – FR_public (FR) as well as a FAQ information sheet – FAQ – EN_public (EN) and FAQ – FR_public (FR)

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