CTA Call to Action: Help CTA Create a White Paper on Current ZEV Technology Realities and Pathway Forward

The Canadian trucking industry has consistently established itself as a leader in embracing new and emerging environmental technologies, including adopting various aftermarket technologies such as trailer aerodynamic devices, the use of speed limiters and telematics systems designed to improve fleet fuel efficiency in the truck transportation sector.

The commitment to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint is further supported by the participation of multiple CTA member carriers and provincial associations in government/industry led pilots of zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) technologies, designed to help our industry reduce its reliance on diesel fuel and meet future regulatory requirements for heavy duty diesel trucks.

While CTA and its members strongly support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from our sector, CTA has continued to ask governments on both sides of the border to proceed with caution regarding the introduction of sales targets and regulatory emissions requirements. This will ensure that new policies and targets are technologically feasible for carriers moving different commodities, operating varying types of equipment, and servicing all parts of Canada.

To provide governments a deeper understanding of the current barriers, opportunities and challenges facing companies looking to decarbonize their fleets, CTA will be creating a white paper to help inform this process, including whether new regulations and targets being discussed are feasible and attainable based on current technologies, and to help ensure our sector continues to do its part to tackle climate change where possible.

CTA is calling on carriers, Team Canada members and members designated by provincial associations to provide feedback on their real-world, on-the-ground experiences of operating and piloting ZEV technologies, such as for regional-haul applications, and potential solutions that can be put forward to create a viable pathway for carriers looking to accelerate the decarbonization of their fleets.

CTA members who would like to be engaged in this process can contact lak.shoan@cantruck.ca.

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