CTA, ATA and CANACAR Issue Joint Statement on NAFTA


The Canadian Trucking Alliance was joined by the American Trucking Association (ATA) and the Cámara Nacional del Autotransporte de Carga (CANACAR) in support of trucking as an integral part of the NAFTA negotiations.

In the joint statement, the national trucking associations explain how all three countries have enjoyed significant economic benefits from NAFTA. The groups urged negotiators to modernize the agreement to further enhance the efficient movement of goods across each border and keep pace with technological trade.

The trucking industry supports millions of jobs in North America – including the safest professional drivers, dispatchers, sales and operations personnel – and generates billions of dollars of revenue, says the statement.

“It’s imperative that NAFTA negotiators keep trucking top of mind in a new modernized agreement,” says CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “This will keep North America competitive internationally and continue to make cross-border goods movement as efficient as possible in the modern age.

“CTA looks forward to working with ATA and CANACAR in consultations with each of our governments to help achieve a modernized agreement that works for all three countries moving forward,” says Lak Shoan, director of policy and industry awareness programs.

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