CTA Asks Carriers to Complete Business Conditions Survey

 The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is conducting a follow-up to its initial Business Conditions survey in April.
The CTA survey – available here – is designed to provide a snapshot of current market and operating conditions. CTA has been asked by various levels of government to help quantify the impacts of COVID-19 on the trucking industry and this survey will help inform ongoing conversations with all levels of government. 
The survey consists of approximately 10 questions and should take most carriers 5 to 10 minutes to complete. This information is supremely important for ongoing discussions between CTA and government officials and we encourage all member carriers to complete the survey. 
No individual information or company information will be shared or made public. All survey results will be aggregated and presented in generic form in a final report. 
Click here to take the CTA COVID-19 Business Conditions Survey. CTA is asking carriers to complete this survey by Wednesday May 6th. 
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