COVID-19 Ripens Conditions for Cyberattacks on Trucking

As cybercriminals play on the fears prompted by COVID-19, the commercial trucking industry should brace for an uptick in cyber breaches and possible ransomware attacks.

Reports of truck fleets being hit by ransomware attacks and other cyber breaches aren’t exactly news. However, as hackers play on the distractions and fears prompted by the COVID-19 crisis, trucking industry experts expect to see a surge in cyberattacks against commercial carriers.

In a blog titled “Cybercrime: Why Trucking Is A Ripe Target,” Mark Murrell, co-owner of online truck driver training provider CarriersEdge, explored the reasons why the trucking industry is an optimal target for hackers.

For one, trucking is a high dollar business, explained Murrell. “That means companies have relatively large amounts of cash or credit available, and they’re used to paying pretty big bills. If you successfully execute a ransomware attack, you can extract a higher payment than you’d get targeting small and midsize companies in other, lower dollar industries,” he wrote.

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