Class A Manual Transmission Restriction Reminder


Effective July 1, 2022, individuals completing the Class A or Class A restricted (AR) road test in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, including semi-automatic and automated-manual transmissions, will be restricted from operating Class A/AR vehicles with a manual transmission and only permitted to operate automatic, semi-automatic and automated-manual transmission Class A/AR vehicles, MTO is reminding industry.

This restriction will be added to their driver record and will appear on the front of the driver’s licence card as “REST/COND G” and “Restr Class/Categ. Avec restr” on the back of the card. The restriction applies to Class A/AR only and will not apply when operating lower-class vehicles (e.g., Class G/D).

For regulatory and enforcement purposes, a motor vehicle has a manual transmission if it is equipped with, (a) a driver-operated clutch that is activated by a pedal or lever; and (b) a driver-operated gear-shift mechanism that is operated by hand or foot and does not use the assistance of automation.

For greater certainty, a semi-automatic transmission or an automated-manual transmission is not considered to be a manual transmission.

New Class A/AR applicants will continue to have the option to attempt their Class A/AR road test with any type of transmission. If individuals wish to operate manual transmission Class A/AR vehicles or wish to remove the Class A/AR manual transmission restriction, they must pass the Class A/AR road test in a vehicle with a manual transmission. For road test purposes, a manual transmission must consist of at least eight forward gears with a high-low range.

Once the road test is passed, these individuals will be permitted to operate Class A/AR vehicles with manual, automatic, semi-automatic or automated-manual transmissions and they will not have a restriction added to their driver’s licence.

Individuals who hold a Class A/AR licence prior to July 1, 2022, may continue to drive Class A/AR automatic, semi-automatic, automated-manual or manual transmission vehicles. However, if Class A/AR holders are required to complete a Class A/AR road test as of July 1, 2022, (e.g., Ministry-Required Testing) and complete the road test in an automatic, semi-automatic or automated-manual transmission vehicle, the restriction willbe added to their driver’s record and driver’s licence.

Those who fail to comply with the Class A manual transmission restriction will be in contravention of section 32(9) of the Highway Traffic Act, which makes it an offence for a driver to fail to comply with a licence condition. Section 32(10.1) makes it an offence for an owner to permit a driver to drive a vehicle contrary to a licence condition.

Training providers continue to have the option to deliver training using their existing vehicles and are not required to alter their current training programs.

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