Chamber Approves Resolution Calling On Ottawa to Address Truck Driver Shortage


In October 2022, the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce gained the support of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce with the approval of 100 percent of delegates of the 2022 annual general meeting and policy conference for the following resolution:

 A lack of people working in Canada as truck drivers is causing supply chain disruptions and contributing to the current inflationary environment. The industry must attract, train and retain thousands of new truck drivers over the next few years to mitigate these issues and the current financial support provided for such trainees is insufficient to attract the required number of people to the industry.”

Citing data from the Canadian Trucking Alliance, the Chamber recommended the federal government “work with the provinces to provide dedicated funding through Labour Market Development Agreements and/or Workforce Development Agreements targeted to increase Canada’s truck driving capacity through increased access to truck driver training programs.”

Click here to read the full resolution.

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