CBSA Alternatives to Paper Processing During COVID-19


The CBSA is making progress towards expanded use of email and fax, in lieu of paper submissions of commercial documentation. The first wave of ports to offer email service will be Vancouver, Toronto, Windsor, Montreal and Halifax. Additional offices will come online shortly. Commercial clients are encouraged to communicate with their local CBSA office to determine their state of readiness and the best method currently available.

Please note that carriers need to obtain confirmation from the local office prior to sending documents by email. Please see Annex A April 8 2020 – COVID Update_public – for details and note the updates in red and updated images of electronic CBSA stamps.

Unless changes are announced to clearance procedures or the admissibility of goods, importers should not assume a change has been made or that confirmation is required.

If carriers have additional questions regarding these new procedures, please call the BIS contact number below.

Border Information Service (BIS) line: Within Canada (Toll-free): 1-800-461-9999 Outside Canada (Long distance charges apply): 1-204-983-3500.

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