Canada Spot Volumes Remain at Record Levels

Canadian spot market load volumes continued to surge in March but the pace of growth is slowing, according to Loadlink Technologies.

March data also showed an increase in truck postings, reports of the data. Spot market load volumes were up 125% year over year and topped February’s record volume by 11%.

There were 0.68 trucks posted per load, down from 1.44 last March.

“As a result of backlogs from border blockades and vaccine mandates, late February and early March load volumes spiked by 20%. While still high, load volumes shrank by nearly the same amount towards the end of the quarter, while available trucks increased slightly,” says Claudia Milicevic, president of Loadlink Technologies.

Southbound cross-border loads surged 237% year over year, while equipment postings for those loads dropped 44%.

Cross-border loads into Canada were up 99% year over year, and 9% from February levels, while equipment postings were down 33% year over year.

And domestic loads were up 117% year over year, while equipment postings were down 22%. The truck-to-load ratio for March was 0.68, an 8% increase from February but 53% lower year over year.

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