BC’s Hwy 5 – Coquihalla Highway to Reopen by Dec. 20

BC’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Rob Fleming announced that Hwy 5, the Coquihalla highway, will reopen no later than end of business Monday, December 20.

The BC Trucking Association reports that:

  1. Highway 5 travel will be restricted to commercial vehicles and inter-city buses ONLY;
  2. Significantly increased travel time. Sections of the highway will be one lane in each direction;
  3. Reduced speed limits. The maximum anywhere on the corridor will be no greater than 100kmh. Many sections will be limited to 60kmh;
  4. Increased frequency of implementation of chain up requirements. The Ministry will err on the side of caution and put chain up requirements in place more frequently in advance of weather events. Commercial vehicles without chains may be turned around and not permitted to proceed, regardless if there is an active chain up in place at the time they enter the corridor. The message to carry chains and make sure drivers know how to install them cannot be overstated;
  5. When chains are required for use, enforcement staff will enforce to ensure that drivers install chains as required by BC regulation. Trucks that do not have chains installed per regulatory requirements will be turned around;
  6. There will be limited electrical power on the route. Tunnels will have lighting powered by emergency generators;
  7. Rest stops will not have fully functioning washrooms, but portable facilities will be provided;
  8. Approximately 24 hours after highway 5 reopens to commercial traffic, Hwy 3 will be reopened to all traffic. Drivers should expect a significant increase in non-commercial traffic on the Hwy 3 corridor.

Should carriers or drivers require training with regard to BC’s chain up requirements, please refer to BCTA’s partner providing online chain installation training:

BCTA says further clarity and resources will provided in the coming hours and days.

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