Are You Ready for Federal Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regime?

Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention training is now mandatory to comply with new Labour Code requirements. Following best HR practices, ensure your team is trained and has access to necessary resources. Access Trucking HR Canada’s suite of resources and online learning centre, you can also sign-up to stay updated on regular tutorials.

Bill C-65 introduced new Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations–effective as of January 1st, 2021.  What does this mean for your organization?  Federally regulated employers will have new obligations to:

  • Prevent workplace harassment and violence.
  • Respond effectively and in a timely manner to incidents.
  • Support for affected employees.
  • Train employees.

THRC training is the only compliance training in this area endorsed by the OTA. We encourage all members to learn more at the links below.

Click link to learn more about training:

Click link for additional resources:

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