Air Cargo Security Webinar to Address Sector Rule Changes

Key changes are coming to the air cargo industry, which includes the role of ground transportation services.

Shippers may require their ground transport providers to be part of this program. Therefore, CTA and Transport Canada will be hosting a free webinar detailing the program and its industry requirements.

The webinar will be held free of charge on February 25, 2016 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm EST. To take part in this CTA webinar, carriers must register here.

As part of the ongoing enhancement and implementation of the Air Cargo Security Program, Transport Canada has amended the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations, 2012 to expand the air cargo Secure Supply Chain. On October 17, 2016, Canada’s air cargo industry will have more options to determine where within the supply chain authorized Program participants can screen cargo to make it secure for air transport on flights carrying both passengers and cargo.

These changes will allow:

  • Shippers / originators of cargo that has been made secure through a screening process applied at the time of packing, to avoid potential security delays and additional screening fees for air cargo; and
  • Cargo operators, such as ground transportation companies and warehousing facilities, to accept, store and / or transport cargo that has been screened and made secure by other authorized Program participants.

Members of the air cargo industry can now apply to participate in the Air Cargo Security Program under new participant categories. Participation is voluntary for supply chain members, so that shippers and other cargo operators can base their decisions on the nature of their goods and their business needs. Authorized Program participants must meet ongoing oversight and inspection requirements once accepted into the program.


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