Truckers Lead the Way

The trucking industry uniquely shares its workplace with the public on our roads. This demands the highest safety standards, a responsibility truckers embrace. Safety isn’t just a priority for the OTA and its members – it’s essential for reliable supply chains, protecting drivers, and ensuring the well-being of all road users.

The Facts

  1. Trucks are the safest vehicles on the road
  2. On average, trucks represent less than 3% of vehicles involved in Ontario accidents and are overwhelmingly not at fault in collisions
  3. The number of large truck fatalities in Ontario has plummeted by about one-third since 1990, despite a 62% increase in large truck registrations in the province over the same period

Our Impact

CVOR Refinement:
OTA works with the MTO to continuously improve CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration) standards, ensuring carriers and drivers who pose risks are held accountable.

Mandatory Speed Limiters
OTA championed this initiative, making Ontario the first North American jurisdiction to implement this important safety measure.

E-logs and Roll Stability Systems
OTA advocates for technologies that improve safety, including electronic logging devices for accurate hours-of-service tracking and roll stability systems to prevent accidents.

Sleep Apnea Program
Recognizing the unique challenges of truck drivers, OTA helped develop a specialized sleep apnea program to address this health issue and improve road safety.

Going Forward

OTA understands that safety is an ongoing journey. We remain committed to exploring new technologies, enhanced training programs, and partnerships with all stakeholders to further advance safety in the trucking industry.

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