Greening the Roads We Share

OTA and its members are dedicated to environmental stewardship. We understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and building a sustainable future for our industry. This commitment is not just about environmental responsibility – it’s about efficiency, innovation, and ensuring the long-term success of Ontario’s vital transportation network.

The Facts

  1. Over the past decade, advancements in engine technology have led to the virtual elimination of particulate matter and smog-creating emissions (NOx) from truck engines.
  2. The trucking industry has drastically reduced the sulfur content in highway diesel fuel to 15 parts per million, significantly lower than other transportation modes.
  3. Companies throughout the Ontario trucking industry are continually investing in leading-edge, environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Impact

Clean Fuels:
OTA promotes the adoption of natural gas-powered engines, which reduce GHG emissions by 20-30% and actively supports incentives to help carriers make this transition.

Efficient Transport
OTA’s leadership in the Long Combination Vehicle program increases transport efficiency while lowering emissions per ton of goods transported by over a third.

Emissions Reduction
OTA champions fuel efficiency standards that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% through the use of aerodynamic improvements, low rolling-resistance tires, and reduced idling technologies.

Ongoing Innovations
The OTA is constantly exploring new technologies, partnerships, and initiatives to drive down emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and minimize the environmental impact of the trucking industry.

Going Forward

The OTA recognizes that environmental responsibility demands a continuous commitment. We are dedicated to working with our members, government partners, and stakeholders to develop long-term solutions that ensure a healthy environment and a thriving trucking industry for generations to come.

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