Additional ELDs added to Transport Canada’s Third-Party Certified List of Devices

As Canada continues to transition to full enforcement of the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate by June 2022, Transport Canada has officially approved additional ELD’s for use in Canada.

As additional ELDs are certified, they will be posted on Transport Canada’s website.

12-month progressive enforcement strategy kicked-off in June, allowing the enforcement community to deal with carriers operating paper logs and non-certified ELDs as the mandate takes full shape by June 2022.

CTA Team Canada ELD vendors are assuring carriers that they are continuing to work diligently through the process in supporting the transition to third-party certified ELDs.

With third-party certified ELDs installed in Canadian trucks, the safety benefits of hours-of-service rules will be maximized by ensuring all fleets abide by Canadian hours of service rules.

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