9 Out of 10 Trucks Pass CVSA Brake Inspections


Inspection results from this year’s CVSA unannounced Brake Safety Day show improvements over 2019, reports Heavy Duty Trucking. The out-of-service rate for this year’s unannounced Brake Safety Day, conducted July 19 across North America, showed a nearly 4% improvement over 2019 (the last year there was a inspection blitz). The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance reports 1,273 trucks were sidelined because of brake-related critical vehicle inspection items this year compared to 1,667 trucks in 2019.

CVSA conducted 10,091 inspections across Canada (946, 11.4% out-of-service), Mexico (487, 2.9% OOS) and the U.S (8,658, 13.3% OOS), resulting in a North American out-of-service rate of 12.6%. Last year’s overall OOS rate was 16.1%.

In Canada, 108 vehicles were placed out-of-service for brake violations, and in the U.S., 1,151 vehicles were sidelined due to brake violations.

CVSA also holds Brake Safety Week each year. This year’s Brake Safety Week is scheduled for Aug. 22-28.

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