OTA: WSIB Survey Makes Life Easier for True Owner-ops

The WSIB has introduced a new transportation worker/independent operator status questionnaire and decision letter designed to be make life easier for owner-operators.

“While this move is intended to reduce the administrative burden for true owner-operators, from the OTA’s perspective we also see added benefits in helping to deal with the misclassification of employee drivers who operate company equipment and are not true owner-operators” said Jonathan Blackham, OTA Director of Policy and Public Affairs.

True independent operators (owner-operator) will now only need to complete a status questionnaire the first time a ruling is requested. Once confirmed, they will be able to use this status determination letter with all new principals for all subsequent contracts.

However, in this process, there will be a new requirement to provide the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle and the worker’s status will be tied to that VIN for as long as they own the vehicle. In other words, once approved, the generic letter provided to owner-operators is valid provided the VIN on the letter matches the vehicle that will be used for their contract(s).

So, what exactly needs to be completed and provided?

  1. A completed version of this questionnaire signed by you (the owner-operator/ individual driver) and the company with whom you currently have a contract (the principal).
  2. A copy of the licence plate and vehicle portion of the permit (ownership);
  3. If applicable, a copy of your vehicle lease or rental agreement.

After completing the questionnaire, if it is determined you are an independent operator, you will be provided a decision letter with the applicable VIN included. If at any time a new vehicle/VIN is being used, a new questionnaire will need to be completed and a new ruling issued to verify continued status as an independent operator.

Visit wsib.ca to download the new questionnaire or learn more.

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