Transport Canada Provides Updates to iMHZEV Program


The Incentives for Medium- and Heavy-duty Zero Emission Vehicles (iMHZEV) team at Transport Canada has continued to collaborate with stakeholders and solicit feedback on the program since its inception last year, with 78 vehicle models from various weight classes now being eligible for incentives.

The program’s objective is to increase the adoption of commercial MHZEVs by Canadian businesses and organizations through purchase/lease incentives to lower the high up-front cost of these new technologies, to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation.

To better ensure program integrity and efficient use of funding towards this objective, the iMHZEV Program is putting in place several changes effective immediately.

These changes include additional vehicle eligibility criteria to determine whether vehicles in classes 2B and 3 are considered commercial or medium-duty passenger vehicles with a new incentive rate and cap; and an updated vehicle application form which now includes further information to aid in internal analysis, forecasting and other details. This form should now be used by program applicants moving forward.

Transport Canada is planning to hold a webinar where they will go over common errors they see when processing eligibility assessments and reimbursement claims received by authorized sellers. They will also briefly touch on the forementioned adjustments to the iMHZEV Program and provide an update on the state of the program. Further details about the webinar will be distributed by Transport Canada in the coming weeks.

Members with further questions regarding the program or the recent changes can contact

You can visit the program website for more information, including a searchable list of eligible vehicles for the program.

Fleets that are looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and take advantage of rebates, incentives and other opportunities can also visit the Government of Canada’s zero-emission vehicle website for an overview of what’s available.

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