Survey: Money, Clarity and Home Time Top Driver Desires


Better pay, improved communication with managers, more family time and a hassle-free work day are the top issues that make the best employers as far as drivers are concerned, according to data from the 2016 annual Best Fleets To Drive For survey from CarriersEdge, which also launched the 2017 survey this week.

Today’s Trucking reports:

“Money”, “pay” and “paid” were some of the most common keywords used in the 2016 driver survey, according to CarriersEdge CEO Jane Jazrawy, who recapped the driver survey results for attendees at a customer appreciation day hosted by Northbridge Insurance.

Overall, 28% of drivers noted pay as something that needs to be improved. Five of the Top 20 fleets have some form of guaranteed pay, meaning a driver can depend on some influx of cash.

Other pay issues raised throughout the survey, include better pay for non-driving work, like waiting at the border, or holiday pay.

Jazrawy said that good fleets don’t make pay complicated. “Don’t make them do additional administrative running around to get paid,” she said.

Drivers specifically noted that they want better communication channels between themselves and dispatch, as well as payroll.

The keywords “people” and “family” were part of 22% of comments from drivers, who notably indicated that they want a predictable home time.

“They don’t want to be stressed when they’re on the road,” said Jazrawy.

“This year, in addition to our usual questions, we’re going to be asking fleets about how much time their drivers spend on the road, whether they provide guaranteed pay and paid waiting time, and what in-cab amenities they offer. We’ll also get into the topic of diversity, asking what fleets are doing to bring a more diverse driver pool to the industry.”

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