Prince Edward Island Announces New Travel/Border Measures Impacting Truck Drivers Entering the Province

 Prince Edward Island (PEI) has announced new travel measures that will alter travel to the province and will now require all non-PEI resident workers (including truck drivers) entering PEI from outside of the Atlantic provinces to be tested within 72 hours of arriving in the province and requiring a negative test result be able to enter PEI. The measures are effective immediately and will last until at least May 17.

Truck drivers that are residents of PEI that travel for work outside of the Atlantic bubble will be required to self-isolate until they receive their first negative result after arriving in PEI, regardless of vaccination status.

These new measures come in response to recent cases of the virus that have entered PEI due to travel outside of the province. The province has indicated that the public health risk of COVID-19 is being continually reassessed and residents will be updated as new information becomes available.

More information on the new measures can be found here:

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