OTA to Form Auto-Carrier Committee to Address Reg Harmonization in Eastern Canada

OTA was recently directed by its Board to convene a committee of member auto-carriers to work with MTO on a policy review that would ensure provincial jurisdictions in eastern Canada are aware of Ontario’s approach to Extended Stinger-Steer Auto Carriers and LCV options for moving finished automobile and light trucks.

The committee’s goal is to have consistency in permitting regimes to allow the free flow of auto-carrier equipment across Eastern Canada.

“The next step is to determine how we can work with MTO and other industry and government partners to extend the successes of the Ontario permit regimes to other jurisdictions in Eastern Canada,” said Geoff Wood OTA’s Senior VP, Policy.  “We believe it’s possible, but we need to gather feedback from the committee, which will help develop a plan to move forward with.”

The committee will be established throughout October and meetings will start in November. The committee has also been tasked with addressing a host of level-playing-field issues specific to auto-carrier configurations. OTA members interested in participating on this committee can email auto-carriers@ontruck.org for more details.

The special vehicle configuration (SVC) permit regimes designed in Ontario to support the most efficient auto-carrier vehicle configurations have been successfully implemented and work well in the Ontario’s domestic and cross-border environments.

Addressing options for similar configurations throughout eastern Canada will assist compliant carriers in servicing both their domestic and international customers.

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