OTA Provides Comments on the Future Relocation of Milton Truck Inspection Stations


As previously reported by OTA, as a result of the widening of the 401 (2019-2020) , the eastbound and westbound the truck inspection stations (TIS) along Highway 401 in Milton will be replaced with two new inspection stations. A part of the planning process OTA has provided comments to MTO and their consultants in charge of this study based on feedback OTA received from members.

These include the need for:

  • Pre-clearance and pre-screening technologies;
  • Generous parking space for commercial vehicles separate from the inspection facility;
  • The facilities and amenities for professional truck operators (including washrooms);
  • Appropriate sight lines and located along a straight section of highway;
  • The avoidance of up-hill / grade ramps back onto Hwy 401;
  • Appropriate and clear highway signage in advance and around the facility;
  • Inspections to be accommodated in all-weather types so drivers and inspectors  are protected from inclement weather.

While initial comments have been sent, if any OTA members still wish to provide comment on the potential locations or design features of these new facilities, they can email  operations&safety@ with their comments.

See area map below:


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