OTA: Escort Vehicles Not Necessary for Class 3 and 8 Shipments Across the Ambassador Bridge

In a letter this week to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Ontario Trucking Association provided feedback on the public consultation regarding a proposal to lift restrictions on Class 3 and Class 8 hazardous materials at the Ambassador Bridge.

The letter is based on the OTA Board of Directors’ position to support the removal of these long-standing restrictions on Class 3 & 8 shipments, but it goes on to state that the association does not support the use of escort vehicles as a condition to move these loads across the bridge.   

Thousands of these shipments are being moved safely and successfully across the Canada-US border on a regular basis, and there are currently no other major border crossings employing the use of escort vehicles to move these shipments,” said OTAs Senior VP, Policy, Geoff Wood.

OTA also states there is no evidence to support escorts should be required in this situation and the association strongly recommends that MDOT consider revising its proposal to ensure parity and policy alignment with all other Canada-U.S. border crossings.

“OTA and its members have consistently supported and exhibited the upmost commitment to safety on our roadways and efficiencies at our border crossings,” says Wood. “This dedication also extends to the various customs and border security regulations that all cross-border fleets must adhere to. These policies are effective and help to ensure the health, safety, and security of both our nations, its citizens, and communities daily.”

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