OEM: Production of Autonomous Truck Two Years Away

Daimler is planning to test its autonomous trucks on European roads as early as this year, and production of the self-driving vehicles could be just two to three years away, Wolfgang Bernhard, who is in charge of Daimler’s trucks business, told German media.

Daimler became the world’s first manufacturer to be granted a road licence for an autonomous heavy-duty truck. The first journey of the Freightliner Inspiration Truck, took place on US highway 15 in Las Vegas in May. The state of Nevada licensed two Freightliner Inspiration Trucks for regular operation on public roads.

The truck is equipped with Daimler’s intelligent Highway Pilot system for autonomous driving; although a computer controls the vehicles, a human driver is present at all times.

Daimler says the company is currently seeking certification to operate self-driving trucks near the city of Stuttgart, following on-going tests at its own proving grounds.

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