MTO Moving Forward with Restrictions for new Class A licensees Taking Road Tests with Automatic Transmissions – May 17

OTA was formally notified by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) today that effective May 17, 2021, individuals completing the Class A road test in a vehicle with an automatic transmission, including automated-manual transmissions, will be restricted from operating a Class A vehicle with a manual transmission. Individuals who hold a Class A licence prior to May 17, 2021 may continue to drive Class A automated-manual, automatic or manual transmission vehicles – without restrictions.

New Class A applicants will continue to have the option to attempt their Class A road test with any type of transmission. If individuals would like to operate manual transmission Class A vehicles or want to remove the Class A manual transmission restriction, they must pass the Class A road test in a vehicle with a manual transmission.

MTO’s policy change on this issue brings Ontario in line with all other Canadian and US jurisdictions. For complete details of the MTO communications on this issue, please click here: Class A Manual Transmission Restriction_public

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