Ministers Address Key Issues for the Trucking Industry

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) received a news release  from the federal transport minister, minister of infrastructure for the northwest territories and the Council of Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety stating that supply chain investments are a top priority and that the overall safety and environmental fitness of the sector needs continued improvement.

“The ministers have acknowledged that supporting the transportation industry, including road transportation and its infrastructure, is critical to a strong Canadian economy. This is a positive development towards overall economic growth and investment in the trucking sector,” said CTA President Stephen Laskowski

The release, which was issued last week after a joint meeting between the offices, focused on infrastructure investment in trade corridors, trade gateways and northern, remote transportation networks.

Other key messaging from the meeting included the need to replenish National Trade Corridors Fund and Transport Minister Rodriguez’s acknowledgement to the provincial ministers that the federal government will continue to provide funds for road infrastructure,” added Laskowski.

CTA’s recent Prebudget submission (see here (EN) and here (FR)) highlight direction to address these needs including specific investments in northern areas such as northern Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

Other key matters discussed by the ministers included:

  • Transportation system vulnerabilities
  • Labour and skills development
  • Stolen vehicles
  • Commercial vehicle safety 
  • National Indigenous Organizations

CTA’s 2024 Prebudget and its 2024 supply chain submission deals with many of the issues discussed by the federal transportation ministers and is asking federal and provincial ministers to review the document as a road map through these issues.

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