Government Falls Short in Addressing Exploitation of Truck Drivers in Fall Economic Update

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is disappointed the fall economic statement delivered by the federal government did not in any way address the urgent need to tackle the growing problem of Driver Inc. It is critical for immediate action from both Finance Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency against the pervasive exploitation of truck drivers in Canada. We need action now.

“We’re extremely disappointed the federal government didn’t focus on this critical issue which is dramatically impacting an essential industry in our country,” said CTA President Stephen Laskowski. “The fall economic update was a pivotal moment to mobilize public support and begin to take action against the concerning operation of Driver Inc., and I fear the moment has been missed.”

The Driver Inc. model is defined as commercial vehicle drivers who do not own/lease or operate their own vehicle, becoming incorporated and receiving payment from their carrier with no source deductions. This practice is harming individual truck drivers throughout the country who are experiencing exploitative working conditions and abuse. Despite having an employer-employee relationship, they are unfairly deprived of rights and benefits that all employees are entitled to in Canada.

These exploitative practices also put compliant trucking companies at a disadvantage, undermining fair competition in the industry. The CTA advocates for a level playing field where adherence to regulations is rewarded, ensuring a more equitable and competitive landscape for all players.

There is an immediate urgency for swift regulatory reforms to protect the well-being and rights of drivers across the nation. The alliance urges the federal government to act decisively against the exploitative practices of Driver Inc., recognizing the pivotal role that truck drivers play in maintaining a robust and sustainable transportation sector.

The CTA remains committed to championing the rights of truck drivers and fostering a fair, safe, and sustainable trucking sector.

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