Fleet Assistance Requested to Help Increase CARM Uptake and Reduce Potential of Border Slowdowns


As previously reported, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) system, a major transformative project which will streamline the collection of duties and taxes related to international commerce, will be implemented by the agency on May 13, 2024.

Recently, the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) and the Association of International Customs and Border Agencies (AICBA), reached out to the CTA about the potential for border slowdowns once CARM is introduced, and the need to work together to reduce the potential for freight delays by increasing awareness of CARM requirements within the importer community in advance of the implementation date.

Although efforts to increase awareness and registration in the CARM portal have been ongoing for many months, with some success, it is estimated that only 55,000-60,000 of the roughly 200,000 importers conducting business in Canada are currently registered on the portal.

To ensure that as many importers as possible are registered prior to CARM implementation, the Alliance and all trade chain partners are requesting that cross-border carriers consider:

  • Reaching out to their customers to make sure they are aware of CARM requirements and are registered on the portal.
  • If they are not registered, request they work with their customs brokers to ensure CARM compliance.
  • Ensure they have an active Business Number on file to help avoid their freight being potentially delayed once CARM goes live.

CBSA has continued to emphasize that border fluidity and the movement of trucks will remain a priority when CARM is introduced. CBSA has provided CTA with additional technical information related to CARM implementation, including measures to facilitate release at the border and help reduce or eliminate possible border slowdowns on May 13 and beyond. Further details from the agency can be viewed here: CARM Guidance-EN_public

Although there are no CARM related requirements for cross-border carriers currently, more information relating to the carrier registration process with the CARM portal will be available in the months to come.

For information related to CARM onboarding, webinars, and other communications materials, members are encouraged to review the following links:

Carriers with further questions about CARM can reach out to CBSA at:

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