Dispatches Podcast Episode 3: Getting Touchy

“…Remember way, way, way back in February when those were ‘big’ issues?”

Beghetto spins around the roundtable to discuss the new particulars of the wage subsidy with Blackham; Wood takes time from giving himself a stylish haircut to discuss plans for insurance premium relief during COVID-19; Shoan gets touchy about social distance interaction between drivers and border officials; Laskowski reminds us CTA plugging away at pre-COVID policies. but doesn’t want to talk about the NFL Draft.

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The Dispatches podcast features CTA staff covering all the pressing national issues concerning the trucking industry and supply chain, from the uncertain fallout of COVID-19 to public & government relations; policy, rules & regs, and market conditions. Periodically, the podcast will also feature one-on-one interviews with some of the Canadian trucking industry’s business leaders and pioneers.

Podcasts are perfect for listening to while commuting or travelling; relaxing at home in the evening or listening passively in the background on your CPU while at the office.

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