CTA Main Asks of Federal budget: Focus on Tax Code and Supply Chain Investments

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is asking the Government of Canada to focus on tax code issues, aimed mainly at stopping the proliferation of the Driver Inc scheme as well as several critical supply chain investments to boost the Canadian economy.

CTA’s specific asks, include:

  • Extension of Accelerated Investment Incentive for Trucking Equipment
  • Environmental Equipment Incentives
  • Tax and Labour Compliance Around Driver Inc Model
  • Long Term Funding for Driver Training Programs
  • Investments in Border Programs Technology
  • Supply Chain Investments
  • Interprovincial Trade Barrier Reduction Measures/ Investments
  • Truck Rest Areas
  • Transportation in the North/Territories

“The trucking industry was rightfully identified during the pandemic as an essential service that supported Canadians’ needs and as a critical cog in the national economy,” said Stephen Laskowski, president, Canadian Trucking Alliance. “Our sector and the supply chain require increased government oversight and enforcement of the tax code and program investments dealing with equipment, the labour pool and critical infrastructure.”

CTA acknowledges it is no easy task for government to prioritize multiple needs from all industry sectors, but the Alliance is reminding all governments that an investment in trucking is an investment in all sectors of the economy, which benefits all Canadians that rely on the supply chain.

“Governments can pay for these beneficial investments in the supply chain by collecting unpaid taxes from the growing underground economy in the trucking industry,” says Laskowski. “There’s well over a billion dollars being stolen from the Canadian public and the healthcare system in this country by Driver Inc carriers. It’s time the hammer is brought down on these tax evaders and benefactors of gross labour abuse as well as forced labour through human trafficking.”

The date for Budget 2024 has yet to be announced but is expected towards the end of March or the beginning of April.

Even though the federal government outlined a plan to deal with the misclassification and labour abuse scheme in the 2023 pre-budget, the government backed out of including any such announcement in last year’s budget. CTA is strongly urging the government does not shy away from making a similar commitment to step up enforcement against Driver Inc in the 2024 budget.

In the lead up to the 2024 Budget, over the next couple of weeks, CTA will be outlining each of its recommendations. In the meantime, for a full copy of the CTA pre-budget submission, member carriers can contact their provincial trucking association.

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