CTA Calls for National Winter Road Maintenance Standard to Safeguard Drivers, Back Supply Chain

Canada needs to develop a coordinated strategy across all provinces to keep drivers safe and the supply chain moving during adverse weather conditions in winter months, The Canadian Trucking Alliance said in a letter to the Council of Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety.

The CTA asked the Council to work with the Alliance in developing and operationalizing a winter road maintenance standard for Canada’s critical national and inter-provincial road freight corridors.

“Canada’s truck drivers play a crucial role in making sure that families and businesses across the country get the goods they need, on time, each day. They are integral in keeping supply chains moving and getting Canadian goods transported to markets around the world,” CTA president Stephen Laskowski stated in the letter. “Despite our unique geography, challenging and unpredictable weather conditions, the demands on the trucking industry do not stop. It is, therefore, crucially important that the health and safety of our dedicated truck drivers is protected while they are out on the roadways delivering for Canadians.”

Although some jurisdictions have efforts underway to address winter maintenance, CTA says a coordinated effort across all provinces specific to our national highway system’s road freight corridors is needed.

“We believe this is achievable with the direction and support of the Council. Consistency between jurisdictions how roads are managed during the winter will further secure the supply chain and protect its most valuable resource – the hundreds of thousands of women and men who drive trucks for a living.”

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