CTA Addresses North American Fertilizer Transportation Forum

CTA had the opportunity this past week to address the Business Session at the North American Fertilizer Transportation Forum. The North American Fertilizer Transportation Forum is co-hosted by The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) and Fertilizer Canada. The meeting provides opportunities for shippers and carriers from across North America to discuss issues of concern and work to reach mutually-beneficial solutions to logistical problems. The Forum was an opportunity for CTA to drive home the importance of level playing field issues in the supply chain.

“It’s important for the purchasers of Transportation to know the level-playing field issues we are dealing with as a responsible industry and the challenges we are facing when dealing with issues like Driver Inc. and the damage it causes to compliant carriers and the legitimate supply chain”, said Geoff Wood, CTA’s Senior VP, Policy.

CTA left the group with five key take-aways:

  • Continue to support and show respect for the trucking industry, its work-force of professional truck operators and carriers;
  • Continue to support the industry in working to address the driver shortage;
  • Continue to support and partner with carriers who are compliant with hours of service regulations and operate safely;
  • Be aware of the Driver Inc. model and partner with compliant carriers who meet their obligations with CRA and Workers Compensation;
  • Be aware of the Emissions Delete issue and partner with compliant carriers who are meeting their obligations to the environment and clean air.

“It’s not always immediately evident to shippers all the reasons why the majority of carriers struggle with driver shortage, while a small percentage do not and continue to add capacity and drivers at unprecedented rates. Driver Inc. is a significant factor in this equation and its important shippers know what to look for, the right questions to ask and to understand they can play a role in eliminating the practice”, continued Wood.

CTA will continue going forward to educate and partner with shipper groups in order to communicate support for level playing field issues in the supply chain.

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