City of Windsor Continues Truck Route Study


The City of Windsor continues to engage with the goods movement community, including with staff of the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA), to review proposals for revisions to the current truck route network. The process which began last summer, will recommend an updated truck route that better meets the needs of both residents and stakeholders, so that goods can be moved safely and efficiently while also supporting economic activity.

The OTA continues to work with City of Windsor representatives, with consultations around the development of a draft truck route network actively underway. The next phase of the process includes the finalization of a draft truck route network based on stakeholder input, with the conclusion of the study by the end of Spring 2024. Once the study is completed, it will be presented to City Council for further discussion.

Additional information about the truck route study, including upcoming engagement opportunities can be found at

OTA is encouraging members that may be impacted by potential truck route modifications to get engaged in this process. If you would like to be part of the feedback process, please contact OTA at

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