CBSA Releases New User Guides for CARM Client Portal

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has released two new user guides to help trade chain partners (TCPs) onboarding with the new CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) requirements. The new CARM Release 2 Playbook and Release 2 User Guides will assist TCPs in better understanding CARM Client Portal processes that will go-live during Release 2 of the project.

The CARM digital initiative is a major transformative project and is changing how CBSA assesses and collects duties and taxes on commercial goods imported into Canada. Although primarily targeted at the importer community, CBSA states that TCPs, including trucking fleets crossing the border, will need to register and adapt their systems and business practices before May 2024, and that getting aligned with CARM now will help avoid interruptions and delays later.

The CARM Release 2 Playbook is an end-to-end document of the CARM functionalities, which provides clarity and context for businesses when interacting with the CBSA through the CARM portal. It also details potential considerations and scenarios that can help businesses effectively and efficiently navigate this new system.

The CARM Release 2 User Guides are detailed step-by-step guides with information about how to start using CARM functionalities. The intent is to help TCPs learn how to use specific functions and provide instructions, including screen shots, on how to execute processes on the CARM portal.

The CARM Playbook and User Guides can be found at this Google Drive link.

CBSA encourages you to send feedback on the Release 2 Playbook or Release 2 User Guides to

To participate in upcoming CBSA webinars on CARM you can click here for more info. CTA will be working with CBSA to organize more carrier centric webinars in advance of May 2024.

For more information on CARM and how to get registered, please visit CBSA’s new website for all the details.

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