Canadian Firm Puts AI Trucks on the Road for Uber Freight


A Toronto-based self-driving tech startup named Waabi has put a small fleet of autonomous semis into service on Uber Freight’s trucking network, reports Forbes.

Commercial trucks outfitted with Waabi’s AI-enabled software and sensors began hauling loads between Dallas and Houston booked through Uber Freight this month, founder and CEO Raquel Urtasun told Forbes. The trucks have human backup drivers right now.

The company spent two years perfecting its system using virtual trucks driving in advanced simulation before testing them on public roads. Urtasun declined to say exactly how many trucks are part of the Uber Freight program or how much revenue the company will generate from it.

“We expect to rapidly expand to more” routes and trucks, Urtasan said, without elaborating. “We’re partnering to provide a turnkey solution that provides all the necessary things for the ecosystem for both carriers as well as shippers. Waabi provides the AI, the Waabi driver, and Uber Freight provides the load matching as well as the ability to dynamically and continuously provide the routes for the trucks.”

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