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Road Knights

RoadKnights-150OTA Road Knights are a group of Ontario professional truck drivers who serve as ambassadors throughout the trucking community. Travelling the province to speak to community groups, safety organizations, schools, car clubs, etc., the OTA Road Knights play a key role in enhancing public understanding of how to safely share the road with a truck, the professionalism of truck drivers, the critical role played by the industry and the numerous careers that the industry offers.

The drivers who make up the OTA Road Knights Team are first-class drivers who are dedicated to safety and professionalism in the industry. Generously sponsored by the OTA Allied Trades Division, the  team consists of highly qualified transport drivers whose mission is to make Ontario’s roadways safer by encouraging all road users to be partners in safety and relaying their knowledge and experiences on sharing the road with trucks.

During their two-year term of service, the Road Knights will participate in media interviews and speaking engagements in order to help improve road safety and increase awareness of the economic and social importance of the trucking industry. The Road Knights, all employed as full-time transport drivers, step out of the cab one or two days each month to meet with the media and community groups. They also visit schools with their trucks to introduce young people to the trucking industry and emphasize the importance of safety, professionalism and courtesy on the road.

Contact: Randy Foo   //   416.249.7401 x 236

To book a Road Knight for a visit to your community event or school contact roadknights@ontruck.org

Download the Nomination Form below for the next Road Knights team or contact roadknights@ontruck.org for details.