Hours of Service (cross border & sleeper berth)

Classroom Training will recommence in 2021.

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Course Description

This course gives a full understanding of how to comply with the Ontario Hours of Service regulations that limit the number of hours drivers can operate commercial vehicles. The course covers application of the rules in city and inter-city operations, as well as sleeper-berth and U.S. operating settings. This course is based on Canadian Trucking Alliance driver handbook “Hours of Service for Commercial Drivers”.

Why this is important

Every driver of every commercial vehicle in Canada and the U.S. must comply with rules that restrict when and how long a driver can continue to drive a commercial vehicle.

Single and team drivers using a sleeper berth have additional rules to contend with. Operating in the U.S. means complying with the U.S. rules, and crossing the border involves switching from one set of rules to the other.

Who should take the course

Drivers, managers, trainers and operations personnel will understand the rules and will learn about the behaviors and systems that must be in place to stay compliant. Course Information



Course is Suitable for

Drivers, managers, trainers and operations staff

Learning Reference

Canadian Trucking Alliance’s “Hours of Service for Commercial Drivers”, 112 page driver handbook included

Course Fee


Course Duration

6 hr


Yes, issued by OTA


Training will recommence in 2021