Cargo Securement

Classroom Training will recommence in 2022.

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Course Description

This course gives a full understanding of how to comply with the cargo securement regulations that apply to general freight and to specific cargo commodities transported on flat deck trailers. This course is based on the driver handbook “Practical Cargo Securement; Guidelines for Drivers, Carriers & Shippers.”

Why this is important

Cargo transported on the highway must be secure. Improper securement can affect the stability of a vehicle, it can allow cargo to be lost from a vehicle and it can result in charges to the driver and/or carrier. The regulations relating to cargo securement list very specific requirements for the type, the location and the strength of tiedowns normally used to secure cargo onto a flat deck trailer.

Who should take the course

Drivers, managers, trainers and operations personnel will understand the rules and will learn about the methods and systems that must be in place to stay compliant

Learning Material

Product Number: CARC300HBK


What’s in the course



Course is suitable for:

Drivers, managers, trainers, and operations staff

Learning Reference

"Practical Cargo Securement", 408 page driver handbook included

Course Fee:


Course Duration

4 hr


Yes, issued by OTA


Training will recommence in 2021